April 2024 Newsletter

Tax season is over, baseball is back, and it’s rodeo season! It is a busy and fun time of year for our team and clients.

Spring brings change to the air with occasionally violent and volatile shifts in weather as winter fades and summer waits around the corner. “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb” the folklore intones, and markets often take heed. A more accurate rule of thumb for this market would be 2023 came in like a bear and left like a bull.

Alteri Advice: Now is the time to ensure any cash sitting on the sidelines is working for you. Attractive rates can be found in Money Market Funds, Short Term Treasuries and Certificates of Deposits.

Data as of close 3/28/24. Data obtained from Bloomberg, LP
Returns Listed Are Price Returns. Does not include reinvestment or payment of dividends.

Congratulations to Viry for winning our team March Madness bracket! It came down to a battle in the championship between Viry and Elisabeth. But with UConn coming out on top, Viry secured her victory.